Forex Manila Philippines

Forex Trading is a Great Way of Making Money

Forex trading is an interesting, risky and advantageous way of making money. Here in Philippines the Forex market is getting bigger day by day, attracting more and more people.

Why should you try Forex trading?

  • It’s easy to start – there are lots of brokers’ offers and hundreds of advantages for Forex newbies;
  • It’s easy to get a start-up capital: you can train in different contests, get prizes and bonuses and then turn to real trading;
  • The market is alive: lots of changes, which are interesting to follow, appear every single moment and put some impact on your profits and losses, on your trading strategy, on the market as a whole;
  • Trade in your personal style. There is a lot of information available about the foreign exchange market, trading instruments, strategies, EAs, etc. Also you can read traders’ real life stories, get inspired by their experience;
  • Forex is a great way of developing your mind, your way of thinking and even your personality.

What do you want to get? How far are you devoted to trading? Which broker are you going to choose? All these questions are similarly important. And Manila FX web-site is a useful way of finding answers.

Latest News:

Enjoy FXOpen No-Commission Deposits Offer

FXOpen decided to prolong period of “No-Commission Deposits”. According to the campaign conditions, you can make deposits into your FXOpen trading accounts with zero commission. It is standard practice for payment processors to charge from 0.5 to 6% commission. As part of the “No-Commission Deposits” offer, FXOpen covers [...]

FX Market Masters April 2015 Welcomes Newbies

It’s time for a new “FX Market Masters” round. If you participate on a regular basis, please, proceed with registration. For the newcomers we broke down the main contest conditions. Here’s what you need to know before joining the trading competition. FX Market Masters April 2015 is On! FX Market Masters April is held [...]

Profitable Week: Welcome to Free Contest on Demo Accounts

ForexCup most popular contest brings more than half a thousand traders together. Last time 533 participants registered for the competition on Demo Accounts. How many will join Profitable Week this time? The registration has already started. Profitable Week begins on April 1. Before then you can sign up for the competition. Do we really have t [...]

Forex Finals Tour 2: FX Contest on Live Accounts

FXOpen is happy to announce the 2d Round of Forex Finals starting on the 23d of March 2015. The prize fund of the competition is US$1300. The winner gets the main prize - a PAMM STP account with US$1000 deposit on it. The contestants who end up in the second and third places get US$200 and US$100 accordingly. Forex Finals consists of 6 tours, [...]

Profitable Week: Free Forex Contest is Coming

A free to enter ForexCup trading contest starts March 11, and it is bound to be a large-scale competition. So what are the main advantages that draw the participants to Profitable Week? No entry fee means no financial risks. Be as bold as you wish in your trading activities, aim high, and test new techniques safely. All the prizes and bonuses [...]

Get an FXOpen Lucky Coin!

Starting from February 23rd through May 3rd, FXOpen is holding a special prize draw for a limited edition special commemorative Silver Bullion Coin decorated with the company’s logo. The coins are designed exclusively for FXOpen clients. Any client, who holds a minimum of US$200 deposited in total in his/her FXOpen trading accounts, autom [...]

It’s necessary to mention that Forex is associated with high risks. And Forex Manila Philippines is not an exception. You should understand that first of all you have to work out your own feeling and analyze all the information presented there.

So, get ready to learn something new, to face risks, to spend your personal time on Forex… But what is more important, be ready to join a great world of Forex trading – and be sure, you will find it amazing.