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Forex Manila Philippines

Forex in Philippines: why should you try FX trading?

  • It’s easy to start – there are lots of brokers’ offers and hundreds of advantages for Forex newbies;
  • It’s easy to get a start-up capital: you can train in different contests, get prizes and bonuses and then turn to real trading;
  • The market is alive: lots of changes, which are interesting to follow, appear every single moment and put some impact on your profits and losses, on your trading strategy, on the market as a whole;
  • Trade in your personal style. There is a lot of information available about the foreign exchange market, trading instruments, strategies, EAs, etc. Also you can read traders’ real life stories, get inspired by their experience;
  • Forex is a great way of developing your mind, your way of thinking and even your personality.

Here in Philippines the Forex market is getting bigger day by day, attracting more and more people. What do you want to get? How far are you devoted to trading? Which broker are you going to choose? All these questions are similarly important. And Manila FX web-site is a useful way of finding answers.

Latest News:

Scalping Virtuoso-14 Blasts off on November 24

ForexCup presents new round of scalping competition - “Scalping Virtuoso-14”. The contest will be held from November 24 to November 28. Try various scalping technics and compete for 5 money prizes. The guaranteed prize fund amounts is US$500. But the most pleasant part of the competition is zero scalping restrictions! There wil [...]

FX Market Masters November is Near at Hand

ForexCup is a great platform for everyone who wants to learn Forex trading, professionally improve as a trader or simply get  one of the prizes and bonuses. Gain ultimate respect from fellow traders by fighting at one of the longest ForexCup contests - "FX Market Masters November 2014". FX Market Masters November is a chance to: [...]

FX Insight: $30 for the Most Clear-Sighted Trader

Is the FX market analysis more of crystall-ball gazing or is it the sum of technical and fundamental outlooks coupled with the sentiment analysis? ForexCup team is sure that the latter. Analyzing market situation is the right way to real profits. You can prove this statement by participating in a new round of simple FX Insight contest. Pla [...]

Profitable Week (Oct, 22-29): Changed Rules and $1600 for Winners

The upcoming Profitable Week brings a small change to the contest rules - an entry fee of US$1. This dab of money is a token charge for an opportunity to win the main prize – at least US$250 to your real account. ForexCup team decided to introduce this fee to decrease the number of people who register and do not participate in the competi [...]

FX Market Masters October Starts Today

Are you ready for 4 weeks of active competitive trading? Welcome to the FX Market Masters October 2014! It is a long-term Forex contest that requires your time, diligence, and ability to operate in long timeframes to achieve great results. The prize pool meets the challenge: the guaranteed prize fund of US$1,500, the bonus fund of US$3,000, and [...]

Place Your Bid! FX Insight Contest is On

FX Insight is the smallest ForexCup contest with US$30 prize for the leader. Why is this mini-competition so popular?  Let's mention main FX Insight advantages: Real profit – the prize is added to your live FXOpen account. No losses – there is no entry fee and you don’t risk anything! Minimal requirements [...]

It’s necessary to mention that Forex is associated with high risks. And Forex in Manila (Philippines) is not an exception. You should understand that first of all you have to work out your own feeling and analyze all the information presented there. Be ready to join a great world of FX trading – and be sure, you will find it amazing.